Monday, July 5, 2010

First day in the toddler room

The report was that Tristan had a good first day in the toddler room. He didn't even cry when I left him there this morning. The staff are different, the kids are different but he went through gradual entry the last week and a half and was very comfortable being over in the new room. Also in the report was that he ate lots of plain pasta for the afternoon snack, which daycare provided. I requested only plain pasta because I didn't want him to eat canned tomato sauce. Finally, the staff mentioned that Tristan loves one of the little girls. When I first heard that, I thought maybe he was trying to kiss and hug her all day. Nope. It turns out he was caught walking up to her and pushing her over. Just like that. Wow, that was embarrassing to hear. My sweet boy? It's so unlike him and it is definitely the first time I have heard this. My guess is that he saw someone else do it and is now copying them. He has been copying a lot lately. We definitely have to watch what we do and say around him.

Not only did he bully a little girl at daycare today, this evening he was a complete rebel. He knows his boundaries at home and tonight, he chose to ignore all that. Maybe he is receiving too much freedom at daycare? I don't know what that was about but we have to start disciplining him more. Luckily, I can avoid yelling "no" all the time by speaking Chinese to him. At least I have that.


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