Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tristan is 8 months old

It's hard for me to believe I have been home for 8 months with him doing all this right now. I'm thankful for being able to take time off to really focus and immerse myself into motherhood and all this baby stuff. My world has really transformed since Tristan arrived. He is a joy in our lives but at the same time I think I am a bit more insane today compared to when I was just pregnant last year. So, lucky number 8. After 8 months of this, would we still be considered newbies? I think we have proven that we can be competent parents. There are always new things but we are getting better at resolving things as they arise.

The biggest change for Tristan now is that he is teething. One of his bottom teeth is half way out now or at least it looks that way. Yes, he is fussier because of it. Last week, was bad for me but I couldn't help but think he was infected with my breast yeast infection as well. The doctor examined him and says he is fine. However, I have been put on an anti-fungal cream :(

Tristan is a bit bigger now and has more hair. He measures 68cm in length now. The bald spot behind his head is almost gone. Yes! Some of his really cute outfits are 6 months and I'm letting him wear them at every opportunity. It would be so sad to pack them up already :( There were a few items he only got to wear a couple of times.

He's not crawling yet but he can move himself backwards. He can pull himself up too and can go from being on his belly to sitting straight up. He rolls and rolls and he is fast too. He's going to crawl any minute I just know it!

We finally put up the playpen because we felt he would be safer in there than on the floor. Right now we give him around 20 minutes in there each day. He doesn't like it much :( I wouldn't blame him. I would much prefer the floor myself.

Tristan is pretty consistent with his wake up time of 6:30AM. I'm starting to get used to it too but some times I end up napping when he naps. After being at home this long taking care of Tristan, I am starting to feel a bit weak. My energy level is very low. If I can even get 1 hour of billable work done a day, then it would be a good day. I need to find daycare soon so I can work more and exercise. Daycare would be great for both Tristan and I. I'm sure he is sick of me too :)


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