Saturday, July 25, 2009

First theatre movie in over 9 months

Today, we watched "UP" at SilverCity. I think the last time we went to watch a movie was when I was 8 months pregnant? Not sure but it was at least that long ago. I wasn't sure if we could even do it now but we managed to be away from Tristan for 1 hour 45 minutes. We left him at the mall with my sister and her family while we watched the movie there. We have never been apart from Tristan for more than 30 minutes ever so it was a big step for us. In fact, the thought of leaving him with a sitter sort of gave Jean-Louis anxiety Thursday night :)

The movie was great. You can never go wrong with a Pixar movie :) Sounds like Tristan was fairly well behaved too. I had a nasty picture of him crying the whole time and embarrassing my family at the mall. Didn't happen. They aren't strangers to Tristan. Tristan must recognize them by now. We had no idea though since we have never left him that long before. I'm so thankful everything worked out. Phew :)

Leaving Tristan was not a last minute decision. We planned it in advance and chose a short movie on purpose. We love Pixar movies and was planning to watch UP anyway. The movie time was chosen just after Tristan's morning nap and the movie ended just in time for me to breastfeed him. Everything just worked out!


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