Thursday, July 9, 2009

Symptons of a breast infection

All it takes is a bad latch and a blister. I got a blister from breastfeeding about a week ago and it still hadn't heal when I got my next blister. The blister bursted and allowed bacteria from Tristan's mouth inside. Now, I have enlargement, discharge (bleeding and pus), the chills, and lots of pain. In fact, I'm on Tylenol now and people that know me know how much I hate taking pills. Yes, the pain is quite horrible. Tylenol works miracles for me and allows me to sleep better.

How did all this happen? After 7 months, you would think I have a handle on breastfeeding. I did for awhile too and now, I'm not sure it won't happen again. I'm kind of prone to getting infections on one side. I try to latch properly each time and thought I did too. I think Tristan has a preference to one side and he doesn't open his mouth very big for the other side. He also falls asleep a lot on this other side. I have to pry his mouth open all the time and readjust the latch when he moves. He's a bit lazy too.

I've been reading up again on breast infections from breastfeeding and scaring myself of course. I went to see my doctor today and got a prescription for antibiotics, just in case. I thought she was going to yell at me since I always go and see her about this :( To my surprise, she didn't even lecture me. In fact, she seemed concerned once she examined me. Ah ha! So, I'm not just being a weakling and I do have a chronic size blister. Phew. Hopefully, in a day or so I'll feel better.


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