Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One of my favorite activities is to plan parties

This is Tristan's last week being a 2-year old boy. Our baby is about to turn 3. OMG :( But that also means I get to plan and host a birthday party. Hooray! Kid birthday parties are the most fun to work with :)

I am an event planner. An amateur event planner. I always have been. I love it and it's one more activity that allows me to use my creativity. I also love to cook. And for a year now, I also love to bake. Before Tristan came along, there weren't many events or parties to plan. Our birthdays and anniversaries were private and we didn't know enough people to throw parties. Whenever there was an opportunity to throw a party or plan an event though, I happily worked away. I did a few events back in Paris for fundraising. I had a blast each time.

One of my favorite things about being a mom is planning and throwing birthday parties for Tristan. Since becoming a blogger here and hanging out on Twitter and Pinterest, I have come across a gazillion party posts, dessert tables, and totally cool cakes and cookies. I have so much inspiration and ideas to work with! Since most of this is new to me, I am overwhelmed with all the great resources. There are only so many birthdays and parties one can have. We only have Tristan too so that means one birthday party a year:( I even considered throwing a half-birthday party just to get another birthday party in there! If I did that, I'm sure I would be looked upon as a party freak, which I'm not really :) Actually since last year, I've been making a slightly bigger deal out of Jean-Louis' birthday and my birthday. We didn't have decorations but we had people over for "high tea" (sort of) and served fancy tea, dessert, and bite sized food. It was nice.

Party planning for Tristan's upcoming birthday this weekend is in full gear! I'm WAY more excited than he is. On the day of, he will probably be more excited :) I even have some of the decorations up already! We were bored this past weekend so we decided to put the birthday banner up. It's going to be a small party with family and friends and I'm hoping to do a bit more this year since he's turning 3. Jean-Louis wants to do a drawing game but I'm still not sure 3-year-olds are capable of much when it comes to drawing. Based on what I have seen Tristan draw lately, I'd say he has no chance! Sorry kiddo:( I just want everything to be perfect but this year, I'm going to try to not spend all my time hosting and tiring myself out. I hear it's not much fun for anyone when that happens. People probably feel sorry for me. I don't know. I haven't figured out how I am going to relax during the party but I'm aware of it and will try! Maybe some Beaujolais wine may help :)


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