Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekends are full of family field trips

On weekends, we tend to go all out in entertaining our toddler. At least it feels that way. When Tristan stays home with me on Thursdays and Fridays, we mostly stay home and he plays on his own a lot. If we go out to the library or walk down the street to the store, I count that as plenty of outings for the day. Compared to weekends, it's just plain boring to be home with just mommy.

This past weekend was a long weekend because of Labour Day. On Saturday, we went to the Burnaby Village Museum. We shopped at the farmer's market first and then we toured the village. We also took Tristan on the carousel for the first time. This was our second visit to the museum with him but the first time, the museum had just closed but we still went in. I have never been on the carousel myself but we thought Tristan would enjoy it. We decided to put him on one of the biggest horses since they had poles that went up and down. It looked like more fun and the big ones were pretty. The moment I placed him on it, he was scared. He didn't asked to be removed but he was whimpering a bit. I had my arm around him the whole time and spoke to him as the carousel circled round and round. Wow. That was one fast ride! We felt the wind blowing at us. In the end, Tristan said he had a good time. I think it was a mistake to put him on it so early. At 2.5, he may still be too young, especially for the big horses. After all, adults ride on the big horses. Oops.

We finished off our grocery shopping at Metrotown and later that evening, we watched Robots. We haven't watched a DVD with Tristan for nearly a month. During the movie, I dozed off since I was super exhausted. I was also feeling a bit under the weather.

On Sunday, we met up with my sister and her family and went to the playground and water park in Stevenston village. The kids played, Tristan got to bike around in the village and we lunched at Pajo's. We checked out the fisherman's market, had coffee at Rocanini, and went home to whip up a small BBQ. Another long weekend, another barbecue right? :)

On Monday, we let Tristan choose what to do. We gave him the option of watching boats at Horseshoe Bay or riding the miniature train at Confederation Park. He chose the train. We also played at the park and had bubble tea at Pearl Drop, a new place we haven't tried before. Before we left, we picked half a bucket of blackberries across the street from where we parked at the park. When we got home, Tristan had fallen asleep so we decided to head out for a run. He woke up just before we put him in the jogging stroller and he didn't sleep more after that. Doh! Not that he had enough of the park, we took him to the park again after the run before heading back home to prep for dinner.

Weekends this summer have pretty much all been like this. Just jam packed with activities to do with Tristan. In fact, I can't really remember what we did before he came along. I think we spend our days indoors working and maybe a bit of hiking. When Tristan doesn't tantrum, it's actually fun hanging out with him :)


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