Monday, January 3, 2011

A must blog post about "Julie & Julia"

I have been meaning to watch Julie & Julia for awhile now but then iTunes took it down from their movie rentals. You can only purchase it for $19.99. When I found out that Julie & Julia was on sale for just $7.50 at Walmart, I snatched it!

I loved the movie :) Jean-Louis was surprised to find that he liked it too. We had some good laughs and the movie really hit home with me. I related to Julia Child. When she mentioned that wives in France seemed to do nothing all day, I nodded and laughed. I was just like her. I lived in Paris while Jean-Louis worked. I was bored and cooking was my way of keeping busy. Well, it was one of the big things I did there anyway. For a period, I would "think about cooking all day" and then at night, I would think about it some more and even dream about cooking. Jean-Louis would tell me to talk about something else either than cooking, eating, or grocery shopping. Really, it was more like an obsession than a hobby. He enjoyed eating all the great food at least :)

Now, I blog. Not about cooking so much but about life as a mommy. I related to Julie Powell in the movie. She enjoyed cooking and she would go out of her way to do well. It was incredible that she cooked that many different recipes in a year. I think about it and it must have been so very exhausting for her to cook all that and blog while working full time at a job she hated. I definitely admire her.

The movie was shot back and forth from Julie in the current time to Julia in the past and it was nicely done. Jean-Louis and I both enjoyed it not only because we are both bloggers but also because we could relate to so much of the material in the film. If you love cooking, blogging, or even eating, watch Julie & Julia! Because of all the takes, some of the actors would not eat anything all day just so they could eat while acting on set. What a fun movie that would have been to make!


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I really liked Julie & Julia when I saw it, and then I went and read the book and regretted that. Julie Powell is not that nice in real life (imo). I think the movie was much better! Plus I loved the food.

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