Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bright Nights at Stanley Park

We did it! We finally went to Bright Nights at Stanley Park! Yesterday afternoon we drove down to Stanley Park to walk along the seawall and take pictures. At the last minute, we decided to go to Bright Nights instead. It was still going on, the weather was beautiful, and it wasn't that busy at all. The only bummer was that Christmas was over :( Ah, it was for Tristan and he wouldn't really know or care anyway. We got ourselves tickets to ride the miniature train and to visit the farmyard. We did end up walking along the seawall but it was more like a speed walk to the nearest Starbucks. We barely made it back in time for our train ride too. At 4:15PM, it was busy and people were everywhere! It was also freezing cold.

The train ride was fun. The train goes really slow so that you can see all the lights along the way. I was too focused on trying to film and document everything that I kind of missed the experience :( Our camera memory ran out and I had to delete pictures to free up some space. To make matters worst, it turned out that our memory card was corrupted and none of the videos were retrievable and some of our pictures were messed up too. I was crushed :(

The train ride reminded me of the one at confederation park, except that it's bigger and more expensive. We paid $9 each and Tristan was $6. The tickets included a visit to the farmyard but that was pretty lame, in our opinion. If you just want to visit the farmyard, it's $3. I sure miss the under 2 freebies. After the train ride, we had to go home right away. It was cold and Tristan complained that his feet hurt. We figured he was getting frost bite or something. I had to rub his feet in the car to get the blood to flow. It really was cold! I should have put snow boots on him just for the warmth. Next time, I will know.


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