Saturday, September 5, 2009

The first week of daycare

Well, it was just 2 days of the week but we made it. Tristan didn't seem too distressed and I was told that he cried just a little bit here and there. Overall, he was a good baby. Sounds like he is not giving the caregivers a hard time, which is a relief. They are friendly people and Tristan doesn't seem upset with me for leaving him there to play for 6 hours or so. I don't feel so bad now. Next week, I may leave him there a bit longer during the day.

When I picked him up the first day, I was somewhat excited, thinking he was going to be happy to see me. In the contrary, instead of greeting me with a smiling face, he almost cried. It was the same reaction I normally receive when I walk into the room while Tristan is playing with Jean-Louis. He is fine until I show up. Whining because he wants to be with Mommy? Maybe.

So I was worried for nothing. The caregiver keeps telling me not to worry and that he is fine. And he was. Picking him up at around 4PM is not the best plan since that is his nap time and he tends to be cranky. He totally crashed in the stroller walk back home. In fact, he was so tired, he even slept through the very loud motor noises from the guy pruning the bushes outside of our front door. I just left him in the stroller to sleep and he must have slept like an hour! What did they do to him at daycare?

Day 2 was pretty great too. He cried a bit more it seemed but I also heard that he only had a cat nap in the morning. When I arrived, he was actually sleeping. I took him and we strolled to Save-On Foods. He woke up shortly after I got home.

All in all, the first week went great. I haven't seen him interact with any of the other kids there yet. That would be nice to see and take pictures of :) He is the youngest one there though. I think the other kids are between 18 months and 4 or 5 years. Eventually, he should be able to play with them all.

As we expected, there were a few downsides to having him in daycare. I know we couldn't expect everything to be done the way we normally would do things. After the first day, Tristan started to get a bit of a diaper rash. We haven't seen diaper rashes on him since birth really. Then there were the stains. Food stains on his clothes from feeding, like blueberries. I had to treat it with OxiClean Baby once we got home. Finally, when I spoke to the caregiver, she did mention that she rocked him to sleep. Then, she would put him down and he would sleep right away. She seemed impressed with that too. That's something we don't do but we can live with that. At home, we just put him down period. He would probably have a bit of trouble falling asleep on his own in a new place anyway. Again, we can live with that. Ok, I will stop complaining now because things really are going better than we anticipated :)


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