Monday, June 11, 2012

3 year old bonding with his grandparents

Tristan got to see his grandparents in France for the second time in real-life. The first time was two years ago when he was just 18 months old. Now he is 3 1/2 years.

Back when he was 18 months old, he didn't really want anything to do with his grandparents. He didn't know who they were really and he refused to sit on them or hold their hands most of the time we were there. He was also very baby-like since he was still in diapers and barely spoke words. My mother-in-law especially was quite sad and disappointed by the experience even though she loved seeing him. She is a very affectionate woman but Tristan wouldn't allow her to be that affectionate with him.

This time around, everything is so different. Tristan is at that age where he loves kisses and hugs. He loves to receive them and he loves to give them. In fact, before we leave for daycare each day, he goes and hugs every single person still left at daycare! He's 3 and he's at such a fun and lovable age. He is great to play with, he talking all the time, and he is starting to be useful too. He helps us set the table for dinner some times and he can even take some decent looking pictures of us with our camera :) Right off the bat, Tristan opened up to his grandparents. He allowed them to kiss him and then he started to kiss them back at night when we asked him to. He got to practice his French more and they were so pleased with him. We skype his grandparents once a week and I think he got to know them more over the video chats.

It was beautiful to see Tristan finally bonding with his grandparents from France. It was also great to see him somewhat cling to them instead of us for a change :) He would constantly run around the house looking for Mami or Papi. When his Mami would go in her bedroom and talk on the phone in private, he would barge in and jump on her bed. We would yell for him to get out but he wouldn't listen. Lucky for him, he is the grandchild and can get away with pretty much anything.

This trip was overall much more pleasant than the last trip to France. Tristan got along so well with his grandparents and as a result, everyone was in such a better mood. They would kiss him a gazillion times a day since they missed him so much. They would also shower him with gifts and food treats. It wasn't just Tristan's grandparents, it was also his great grandpa, great aunt and second cousins (?) and others too. Gifts were pouring in from friends of the family too who we didn't even get to see. It was as though it was his birthday the whole trip! Seriously. We were on vacation so he got to eat great food nearly every day and we took full advantage of French pastries, desserts, and ice cream. What a lucky little boy :)


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