Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

We're not doing anything special this year for Easter. Maybe next year when Tristan is 3, we'll do an Easter hunt and he can have more chocolate. Right now he is not familiar with chocolate. He has eaten it before but it's usually part of something else like chocolate chips in a cookie. He has probably tasted chocolate only three times in his life! In fact when I gave him a banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookie last week, he was asking me what the chips were. He was calling them blueberries and I told him they were chocolate chips.

We're heading over to Victoria for my Grandpa's 49th day passing on Tuesday so we decided to make a weekend out of it and go during Easter as well. I don't feel like it's an appropriate time for celebrating but I did bake Easter cookies to mark Easter. Like always, I will be giving most of them away. I usually bake around 55 cookies or two batches. We can't possibly eat that many cookies anyway. I'll probably freeze some as well :)

This week one of the kids at daycare gave Tristan and all the other kids in the toddler room some Easter treats. He was the only one and I was sort of wondering if kids were doing this. It's definitely not popular but it was so nice to receive something :)
Happy Easter and enjoy your day off work!


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