Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby can't talk but he can sign some

We are still waiting for Tristan's first true word. He babbles right now and noises such as mama, dada, and a bunch of others come out but he doesn't know what any of them mean. Apparently, Jean-Louis was a late talker but I don't know about myself.

We started to sign to the baby when he turned six months and we still are but two months ago we sort have slowed down. Now that he is 1 year old and beginning to understand more, we're trying to sign more again. A lot of time we just forget to do it. It has been over six months now and I think he is making a lot of progress in the signing department. Here are the signs he has been consistently doing for us with an understanding of what they mean:
  • more
  • milk
  • ball
  • clean
  • bed (sleep is harder so he signs bed when he is tired)
These are the questionable signs:
  • sun
  • book
  • eat or food
Signs we did not teach him but he is coming up with himself:
  • self (he pats himself with his hand)
  • diaper change please (he touches or squeezes his diaper from underneath)
  • smelly (we all fan away the stinky smell by our nose)
He also sort of understands some of the words we say even though he cannot repeat them himself. Here are some that I have noticed:
  • doggie
  • train
  • water
  • pillow
  • "give to Mommy"
  • music
  • no (to some degree)
So far so good! It's definitely nice to have him communicate with us even before he can speak. Our favorite is when he can tell us he is tired or when he wants his milk :)


Deanna said...

Signing is great! My son did a little when he was Tristan's age. It really helps out, less frustration on both sides when trying to understand baby!

Ming Hua said...

Just want to say Tristan is sooooooo cute in this pic... :D

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