Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Tristan!

Our little baby is 1 year old today (sniff, sniff)! That also means we will no longer be celebrating his birth monthly anymore :( It's okay because every birthday will be a huge party, I promise :)

Tristan's birthday party will be held tomorrow since it's Saturday and all. He has just one little friend coming and the rest are Mommy and Daddy's friends :) Tonight, I will be preparing a few dishes that I can make ahead of time. Once Tristan is asleep, I will decorate the living room. My parents are coming over from Victoria tonight as well. Some people throw two parties: one with the family and one with friends. We're just throwing the one big party and throwing everyone in the mix. May be a little odd but we are having 2 birthday cakes! Yeah, that is a little odd too, I admit. We couldn't agree on the cake so we both chose one. The party is going to be awesome! The only thing I'm worried about is all the people around Tristan. I hope he doesn't get overstimulated by everything. We may have to take him upstairs for a little quiet time here and there.

Finally, I wanted to mark today's occasion with a two-picture comparison of Tristan from birth and present day. I picked photos that had similar expressions. Unfortunately, he does look a little sad in them. You can definitely tell it is him but look at the tremendous difference! Wow :)


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